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Nonsense page 7

From Mr Anonymous, Safari having downloaded far more of a file than is actually possible:

In a similar vein, here is Windows printing page 3 of 2, which is astonishingly common:

If you look at the graph of battery usage in ChaDis (the dark grey line that finishes at 5.5 hours), we’re at about 35% battery remaining. The information on the right says something completely different:

The 91% figure comes from the operating system, but where then did the usage graph come from? As far as I can tell, the 91% figure is complete nonsense made up by the operating system, because it has been a while since I charged the batteries.

Triggering a manual refresh of the graph causes ChaDis to retract the usage graph, deciding itself that it cannot be real:

The following screenshot comes from Shinaku, who writes, “Copying Serial ATA drivers over for a PC I’m building, it took ages to complete the file transfer, then only showed that.”

View full-size screenshot

The following appeared when performing batch file renaming, where one of the files was to be given a name longer than the Macintosh limit of 31 characters:

This error is emitted by the Finder in its AppleEvent handler, if you ask GraphicConverter to batch rename files via AppleEvents sent to the Finder. The reason for this (painfully high-latency) approach is to preserve file comments, which are tied to a file’s name and are lost on a standard rename! If you attempt to exceed the filename length limit using regular ToolBox calls in GraphicConverter, this equally useless message appears:

I think the error they wanted was -37 (Bad filename), not whatever on earth the above error means. Note also the differing quotation mark styles in the message.

I am not sure what triggered the following, but the displayed cursor co-ordinates relative to the image are remarkably suspect:

Annoyingly, GraphicConverter uses (1, 1) as the origin, so after spending a while trying to position the cursor at (0, 0), you realise that it’s impossible.

The following is from JensenDied, brought up during an IRC conversation:

I received the following from Ben at StupidFish via Mr Anonymous:

Also from Mr Anonymous, ceci est une pipe cassée: