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Silliness page 7

Richard DeCoteau has a very strange problem with “any version of Adobe Audition”, “[on] numerous machines” where normal dialog box icons are replaced with animals. An Audition dialog box should look as follows:

However, Richard frequently sees animals appear instead, including the “distressed sheep”:

Other animals have included a dog and a Holstein dairy cow. Since even the normal icon is a customised 48×48 image and not one of Microsoft’s standard messagebox icons, these are all images drawn by Adobe. It is simply not clear why. (Also, what’s with the “Témp” and “Tèmp”?)

The QBasic games of one T S from the Czech Republic (including a colour clone of Cascade from the Psion Revo) need the working directory correctly set before starting them, otherwise they crash with the following full-screen error (looks good on a 20″ display):