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Silliness page 3

The Psion Revo palmtop has a toolbar to the side of the screen to zoom window content and open various menus:

The developer of the Pyramid solitaire game decided to have fun with the infra-red send and receive menu items:

The receive equivalent says “Receiving cards from Pluton” which refers to the former ninth planet in the developer’s native French.

Whereas the developer of Iconizer Pro decided to enter his dialog boxes into some kind of beauty contest:

Norton Anti-Virus checks all outgoing mail, but when sending multiple mail, doesn’t think to queue the checking, so if the mails are large enough you start to fill up your system tray with silly, annoying animated icons:

Ah, to see inside the mind of the developer of the open-source Shell5:

I found his floozy though. What shall I do with her? I also love the DoNowt (Yorkshire for “Do nothing”).

You think I am meant to be able to open this many Save As dialogs?

You can instruct Agenda on a Psion palmtop to begin the week with any day you like. Here, I have set the week to start on a Thursday:

I have no idea where in the world weeks begin on Thursdays but I know I am equipped to handle it.

The Mac OS X Finder allows you to drag items from the Trash to its toolbar, despite the fact that you cannot open items that are inside the Trash.

You can also add the same item to its toolbar multiple times, with no checks done to make sure if this is vaguely sensible or not. Now I know what Apple developers do when they get bored.

And finally, I think Thorsten Lemke is silently laughing at me, with this subtle reminder that my processor is obsolete: