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Silliness page 4

I wrote a little program called Useful URL Gadget to help me call up addresses easily for copying into chat windows and forum posts. If you start it up without the file with the addresses in, this error appears:

Followed by this one (!):

And then this one:

And finally goes down in flames:

D’oh. The annoying part is that despite being a very simple program, I still had to search the source code to find out the cause of the error message! Incidentally, what is with the “Gadg.exe”? The executable name is “Useful URL Gadget.exe”; Windows seems to have truncated it to 16 characters (as it always does) and then added “.exe” back onto the end to make a now clearly wrong executable name. Sheesh.

And on the subject of being able to repeat non-repeatable tasks, the audio system tray icon lets you open multiple copies of the Sounds and Multimedia control panel:

You would not think this was possible would you?

Finally, a delightful error message sent to me by silvestrij, from a Web-based system:

Methinks someone had better stuff to be spending their time on. Rather like me, I suppose =)