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I recovered the following two images from an old archived e-mail. Macromedia HomeSite+ (written in Delphi, as it should be) uses an embedded Internet Explorer control for previewing your work. The embedded control implements JavaScript as you would expect, even where it makes no sense to do so. For example:

The Close Window button does exactly what it says on the tin: window.close(); However, there is no window, but an embedded control, closing which …


Igor Galochkin’s Hypermaze first-person shooter makes use of “ILU”, whatever that is. I can’t find much of any use with Google, and it appears not to be Xerox’s Inter-Language Unification. However, any program written by “Abysmal Software” can’t be too good:

At a guess, I’d say it’s Canadian:

Mr Anonymous demonstrates a bizarre trick in Mac OS:

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The programs above are suspended half-minimised but the scroll bars still work. The trick is to call up Terminal, type killall Dock but don’t press return, minimise some programs with shift held down (so they minimise in slow motion) and then issue the kill. The Dock closes, leaving the windows stuck.

The Acorn Archimedes emulator RedSquirrel implements emulated scroll wheel support within RISC OS, with curious effect:

I have no idea why !Draw implemented a scrollable tool palette, or what else might account for this behaviour.

Finally, what would we do without the odd “catastrophic” failure? (Thanks Mr Anonymous)