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Silliness page 2

In both Mulberry and an earlier version of REALbasic, it was possible to open as many about boxes as you wanted:

Windows is of course an endless source of ways to lark about, including messing about with its useless window mangler:

Scribble2000 is a Graffiti™-like handwriting recognition program for EPOC32 devices. What the developer did not foresee was a clown like me drawing a letter of infinite length until the program fell apart.

If you are lucky, a computer will even tell you that you are silly. I suspect that they should do this more often.

The updated BBC BASIC V for the Acorn Archimedes range still features this delightful error; see for yourself.

Acorn ADFS also contains the following gem:

On a lagged PC or if you have lightning-fast fingers, it is possible to open two instances of the Windows Date/Time control panel via the system tray:

With judicious use of the control key and clicking – intended for selecting multiple taskbar items – you can have the taskbar not indicate show the active program (although I find that it tends to do this by itself), or have a program active even with a multiple selection: