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Silliness page 6

I love some of the example screenshots that make it into manuals. Sometimes, they show a complete lack of due attention, and sometimes they’re just unfortunate:

Grey, no earl, hot!

HP’s firmware updater tool confirms its success with a smiley face:

Supposedly reassuring, except that when I tried it on a LaserJet P3005, I got the smiley face despite the printer failing to pick up the firmware or even take print jobs. Since the firmware is uploaded by carefully crafted print job, the smiley face appears to only guarantee that the print job went into the Windows print queue. Reassuring indeed.

Doctor Watson, heal thyself:

A nice example of how computers still fail to hold themselves accountable to users:

View complete screenshot

Something I clicked, brought up this error:

I noticed that it was in fact possible to focus the parent dialog, which should not be possible:

Wait … what happens if I close the parent dialog out from under its child?

: )