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World Wide Wonk

I went to save the animated GIF logo from a particular site to disc (for good reason) only to discover that it was absolutely enormous:

That goes under “it works in our Intranet” category. (The Real WTF™ is always Firefox downloading images anew when you ask to save them. Can you say “cache”?)

The following is a list of international and symbolic keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS, seen at the OmniGlot languages site. I am sure you all know where the shit key is.

I received the following 404 page from Amazon once, which speaks for itself:

Americans, pay no attention to the following eBay advert; us Britons will just chuckle behind your backs :)

Arne (same one) showed me this classic from Microsoft:

(It took us this long to come to a Microsoft pic? bummer.)

The first of two classic cases of Internet Exploreritis:

The following one is truly weird. Surely a site with “firefox” in its domain name (firefox.co.uk) would actually work with Firefox?

The British Google mirror has on numerous occasions displayed completely wrong images on pages, such as follows:

Is the following error a demonstration of leet hacker defence?

Finally, a photo of a naked woman in the bath, from eStockPhoto: