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World Wide Wonk page 3

Digital hieroglyphics:

OK, fresh Mac OS 9 install, fresh iCab install (evident from it still having its default toolbar buttons), so why does Google.com come up in Hebrew?

One from my own site here. My site permits exactly one notices entry per calendar day, so how comes the next oldest entry is today’s?

The following screenshot was taken when iCab 3 was only a dream, not a reality. So iCab 4 is quite delusional:

As for Netscape Navigator 5, well, now…

I can’t remember what Adam was using when he took that screenshot – OmniWeb perhaps (I don’t recognise it) – but it’s certainly not Netscape Navigator of any version.

The following interesting stack trace appeared on trying to view a game at the Electronic Arts Web site; the page was zoomed out to fit it all into the picture. Note the name of the developer of the code: he may bear my name, but it is definitely not my code!

Normally I don’t post screenshots of betas, but I will make an exception here as I don’t know what the cause is of iCab 3 beta showing right-to-left text with left-to-right underlines:

I don’t have the appropriate language pack installed, and iCab 3 relies on an Apple Unicode service that is horribly buggy in Mac OS 9 (and not altogether great in X). So what persuaded this to happen, I don’t know.

I am sure all of you have seen a Microsoft 404 page by now – we all have – but I was nonetheless amazed to see one that assumes that Web server administrators have no idea what a 404 error is:

That page speaks volumes about Microsoft, and even Apple surely credit their technical userbase with more awareness than that. I also got the chance to spot a Japanese Microsoft 404 page in the wild. Actually that really looks like Chinese to me, but I thought the site was Japanese.

Finally, I would imagine that the following page was supposed to be a redirect: