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World Wide Wonk page 4

The following strange effect happens on the ntl help Web site in Firefox 1.0.7 (I have not tried with 1.5) if you click one of the pop-up menus before rendering is done, or maybe also if you move the mouse across the wrong part of the page during rendering.

Most of the page disappears and only gets drawn back in when you move the cursor over each element:

I am not sure why moving the mouse over any part of the window should trigger a redraw, but pressing ctrl-A causes the entire window to redraw, including all the parts that don’t contain any text (very efficient):

From the following, should I deduce that Infopop—the developers of Ultimate Bulletin Board—have realised that as of 2016, the human population will be sterile? (I presume that the 2005 date indicates when I took the screenshot; I cannot be sure, but date-of-birth years extended into the near future.)

While making a friend a modified copy of her LiveJournal page for fun, I came across this strange, repeated fragment of code, whose purpose appears to be wholly nonexistent:

What, may I ask, is error 999? Did someone telephone the police? Should I go on the run?

The following is a classic. Someone decided that the two exits to this page must be different: one has to be a button (a POST operation), and one has to be a link (a GET operation). So to pretend they’re the same, they disguised the link as a second button. Guess which is which?

I accidentally clicked an ad and the following page apologised for the inconvience of not seeing anything useful:

Anyone who develops for Windows will be aware how much of a mess MSDN is, but in case you’ve missed out, here’s what could happen when you click what’s become an outdated link:

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Microsoft have a relatively high turnover with their links, and for the most part they just die. Here, at least, I got the page I wanted even if it was in the form of one copy of the site embedded inside another.

Finally, from Mr Anonymous, Yahoo doesn’t seem to recognise Firefox when it’s staring it in the face:

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