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World Wide Wonk page 2

The following Web certificate error was thrown by Firefox when trying to sign into MSN Passport:

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The following MSN Personals advert shows probably the worst case of string truncation ever.

Below is a good example of how not to title a link on a Web page.

Apparently, I am forbidden to log out of ntl webmail. A prisoner of ntl forever!

The following kind of makes me imagine the heavens opening and forearms bearing pointing fingers raining from the sky.

The nerd responsible for this banner ad has probably missed his or her calling in life:

Ah, such an unfortunate typo:

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Not that being powered by spunk is necessarily a bad thing is it?

It helps to bear in mind that pop-up ads only work, if they work:

VersionTracker’s developer system: the old version of this system (where you post your apps to VersionTracker) was so broken that iCab couldn’t understand it and Macintosh Internet Explorer and Mozilla both crashed. When it was upgraded, I “only” had to contend with <textarea> boxes not showing a text cursor, and parts of pages that would not draw in:

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I like the “more…” in the middle box below. I mean, you just can’t get enough undefined can you?

Rust in pieces, GeoCities.

Group check?

Finally, a classic. Apparently Webmastermac cannot find the 404 page. Except that I didn’t ask it to find the 404 page. (The objective is to report a 404 using the specified address anyway, so that you can correct any obvious misteaks in it.)

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