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Colouring lessons page 8

From Mr Anonymous, Internet Explorer 5 has come a little unstuck:

Internet Explorer’s toolbar buttons are all rendered as garbage

From silvestrij, iTunes on the bottle:

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For some reason, MirrorFolder won’t draw in one of its title bars:

Please, make up your mind what background colour to use!

Some random empty tooltip floating around:

From David Joffe, the Display control panel in Windows 98 was waiting for new supplies of Letraset:

I am not a great fan of modern “art”, so I cannot determine whose work the following icons were styled after:

A disturbing number of programs will draw ClearType text back over itself for no reason. For example, if you click any of the text labels in F-Secure Client Security, it redraws the text, over itself:

A similar problem occurs in Adobe Reader 9 if you wave the cursor over a menu title:

A strange bug in MirrorFolder causes dragging the progress dialog to sometimes wipe the display, without triggering a redraw. The dialog itself leaps to the top-left of the display, wipes the rest of it, draws its caption over the top, and then redraws the display anywhere you drag it:

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(Graphical interfaces don’t always have the best sanity checking.)