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Colouring lessons page 4

Anti-aliasing of text on the screen is normally skipped below a certain font size: typically 12 pt in Mac OS 9 and maybe 14 pt in Windows. Except Windows turns it back on for really really tiny sizes to absolutely ensure you can’t read anything:

The following screenshot is what programs looked like after installing the Japanese language kit in Windows, before the mandatory reboot:

A classic mistake to make in computer graphics is to assume a pale if not grey or white background for icons, one that should have been solved in Windows Messenger 4.7 with ease given that Windows XP natively supports 32-bit icons.

REALbasic 3.5.2 losing track of the scroll position while switching between methods:

The same program also loves to screw up filing dialogs:

On the subject of development environments, Arne Johannessen sent me this one from the Sesam Java IDE

Upside-down rendering seems to be a recurring fault in Mac OS X.

The next two are rather odd – running ShadowIRC and Doom at the same time:

The Doom Chamber of Mirrors:

Java failing to work under VNC:

Finally, Task Manager has just forgotten to redraw part of its window. (Do you ever forget to breathe?)