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Colouring lessons page 2

I cannot tell what the following is about. For reasons best known to someone else, every now and then a random taskbar button caption ends up scrawled over my Firefox toolbar. And only Firefox.

The 1.x gaim series had a peculiar problem when your MSN Messenger connection dropped. All MSN users with no buddy icon have their generic icon adorned with random symbols:

Proving that it is random, here is a screenshot of the bug open when it recurred; note the different mess made the second time around.

The highlighted PhotoPro SQL icon in the task switcher window is an exploit of the PhotoSQL database (written in Access). The Print Screen key simply terminates switching task, so you can't normally take a screenshot of it. PhotoSQL hangs so frequently that I found the easiest way to get a screenshot of the tasks switcher was to switch to PhotoSQL while it was hung, so that it would not draw back over the task switcher window! I could then press Print Screen as normal (although possibly with another window focused, such as the taskbar, as Print Screen doesn’t always work if the frontmost window is hung).

GTK+ and its poor redraw during scrolling, also likely to be long since fixed:

The following picture is actually one of mine, from my beloved lili_Pad program, during implementation of the vertical pane divider between the topics list and the current topic:

Almost there:

I must be sad. Here is me receiving ICQ spam; I tried to select it to copy it and show someone how dumb it was, and ICQ barfed:

The following pie-faced girl is supposedly suffering encoder burn:

The following screenshot from Shinaku shows iTunes after a game of Worms. It is a nice case study for why graphical interfaces need multiple managed framebuffers for entertainment software.

Under Mac OS 9 and earlier, Apple’s approach to drawing selected text was to swap every background pixel (typically white) with a new colour, and back again when done. Aside from being insanely stupid on a fast machine, it goes wrong if you try selecting text underneath a toolbar:

Finally, this Java applet has a chip on its shoulder against redrawing in its background: