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Colouring lessons page 5

While waiting for Word 97 to open its Find dialog, I pressed alt-tab to switch to gaim. Just as I did this, the Find dialog opened, displaying a Mac-style zoom rect. Since this is done by simply drawing over the screen, the window switch left part of it permanently drawn in:

Word 98 forgetting how to scroll; I think Word 98, too, would forget how to breathe were it not constantly reminded:

Word XP failing to draw text properly:

Apparently that mess was small caps, as is the following:

Here is GTK+ trying to render 32-bit graphics in 16 colours; looks like a really faint television signal:

Mr Anonymous sent in these pictures of Colour Selector 2.1; it keeps forgetting what it looks like:

In BBEdit 7.1.4, if you review the multiple search results window with the preview pane switched off, it gets confused and cannot decide what to draw:

Finally, scrolling a volume info window in Tiger’s Disk Utility:

This bizarre phenomenon was repeatable for that volume but not any others.