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Fujitsu keyboard series

This page is a collection of data on confirmed and speculative Fujitsu keyboard series numbers.


Documented series

For most details, see キーボード - All on the Japanese Fujitsu site.

Production status is current as of March 2020.

Series Status Switch type Keyboard type Series type Known models include Notes
FKB1420 Series In production Membrane Desktop keyboards with 15 mm key pitch Stock models FKB1424-705 (JP), FKB1425-705 (US) Standard models
FKB1424 Series Discontinued FKB1424-702/P (pink), FKB1424-703/B (blue), FKB1424-704/G (green) monicaFC variants of FKB1420 Series
FKB2500 Series In production DIN dual-discrete leaf spring (linear and clicky) Desktop keyboards Standard and custom types
FKB2930 Series FES-370? Desktop keyboards Stock models? FKB2930-101 Found on the label of a keyboard as “MODEL FKB2930 SERIES”
FKB3000 Series In production DIN dual-discrete leaf spring, clicky, low-travel with sheet cover (FES-301S type)
Unclear (FES-310/310S type)
Industrial sheet keyboards Stock models and custom types The relationship to N860-31xx types is not known
For special customers FKB3012-001, FKB3012-002, FKB3012-052, FKB3013-052, FKB3014-001, FKB3014-002, FKB3014-051
Discontinued FKB3011-001, FKB3011-002, FKB3011-051, FKB3011-052, FKB3012-051, FKB3013-001, FKB3013-002, FKB3013-051, FKB3014-052, FKB3015-001, FKB3015-002, FKB3015-051, FKB3015-052, FKB3016-001, FKB3016-051, FKB3017-001, FKB3017-051
FKB4690 Series In production Spring over membrane Point-of-sale keyboards Custom types
FKB4700 Series Discontinued “Peerless” Desktop keyboards Stock models FKB4700 etc
FKB4720 Series
FKB4725 Series Classified as “High” on the Fujitsu Takamisawa website in 1998
FKB4726 Series
FKB4730 Series Custom types
FKB4890 Series Discontinued Membrane Wireless desktop keyboard and mouse with USB RF receiver unit showing lock status Custom
FKB7400 Series For specific customers Gear link, rubber dome over membrane Notebook keyboards Custom?
FKB7412 Series In production Unspecified type (will be membrane) Stock models 19″ rack keyboard similar to Cherry G84-4400, with an integrated trackball FKB7412-251 (USB, JP), FKB7412-451 (PS/2, JP), FKB7412-201 (USB, US), FKB7412-401 (PS/2, US)
FKB7610 Series For specific customers Gear link, rubber dome over membrane Slim notebook keyboards Custom?
FKB7628 Series In production “Gear-link membrane” (ギアリンク・メンブレン方式), 3 mm travel Compact (75%) desktop keyboard Stock models FKB7628-801
FKB7660 Series For specific customers Gear link, rubber dome over membrane Miniature notebook and PDA keyboards Custom?
FKB8540 Series In production Libertouch Full-size desktop keyboards Stock models FKB8540-551/G (JP with kana legends), FKB8540-552/G (JP without kana legends)
Discontinued FKB8540-051/W (JP, white), FKB8540-052/B (JP, black), FKB8540-001/W (US, white), FKB8540-101/B (US, black)
FKB8566 Series Discontinued Membrane (rubber dome assumed) Numeric keypad Stock models FKB8566-001 (with 1-port USB hub)
FKB8579 Series Discontinued Unspecified Compact thumb shift desktop keyboard (~60%) Stock models FKB8579-661EV No confirmed series name; this may be the only model, but the datasheet is called “fkb8579usb”
FKB8580 Series Discontinued Unspecified Compact wireless keyboard with USB transceiver Stock models FKB8580-001/W (white), FKB8580-101/B (black)
FKB8725 Series Membrane “Value” keyboard; FKB8720 with Windows keys Stock models FKB8725-651 Classified as “Low” on the Fujitsu Takamisawa website in 1998
FKB8735 Series “ValuePlus” keyboard with integrated pointing device Stock models FKB8735-801R Classified as “Medium” on the Fujitsu Takamisawa website in 1998
FKB8769 Series In production Membrane (rubber dome assumed) Tenkeyless desktop keyboard Stock models FKB8769-052 (JP) and FKB8769-511 (US)
FKB8775 Series FKB8725-derived wireless keyboard plus FID660-derived wireless mouse Stock models Classified as “High” on the Fujitsu Takamisawa website in 1998
FKB8811 Series In production Membrane (rubber dome assumed) Space-saving desktop keyboard Stock models FKB8811-655 (JP, black), FKB8811-656 (JP, light grey), FKB8811-662 (US, black), FKB8811-663 (US, light grey)
Discontinued FKB8811-354/B (PS/2, black), FKB8811-355/W (PS/2, white), FKB8811-454/B (USB, black), FKB8811-455/W (USB, white)

N860/N86D codes

The following codes are from the FKBnnnn model numbers and N860-nnnn-… part numbers. The first two digits are considered to indicate the series, e.g. FKB1234 would be taken as series 1200. However, Fujitsu have used series names comprising all four digits, as noted above — substantially more data is needed to get a clear picture. Since series can comprise more series, then it may be that series using three or four of the digits are sub-series.

This data will help identify the type of switch found in a Fujitsu keyboard, so long as the N860 code is displayed on the outside. Early keyboards used the first digit to indicate the switch type (e.g. N860-8282-T002 is FES-8) but the number ranges got re-used with time.

Note that 2930 seems to be used by both leaf spring and FES-370.

Where PCB or membrane N86D codes have the same centre digits, the N86D code is not listed here. Serial numbers are only given where they are in the standard format; often this will be the internal serial number. “?” indicates that the site was taken down before the serial number could be collected, except for the rare case where an example has insufficient details.

Series Switch moniker or description Example keyboard Part numbers Serial Date
1100 FES-1 reed Unidentified keyboard N860-1131-T010 03B ZY0298 Nov. 1984
1300 Dual-discrete leaf spring Epson Q703C-AA N860-1344-T00105A Y55690 May 1983
1600 Rubber dome over membrane, flat profile Fanuc keypad N860-1601-T062 03A Y708803s July 2009
Fanuc keypad? N860-1614-T012 04B, N86D-1613-R101/01 P911091t Sep. 2000
DIN dual-discrete leaf spring Fujitsu FM Towns FMT-KB105 N860-2277-V001 01A E911714t Sep. 1989
Unknown Kawasaki keyboard N860-2322-T002 01A L602607t June 1996
Fujitsu FMV-KB211 N860-2354-T001, N860-2354-V001 (plate) KZ22648t Dec. 1995
Fujitsu FMV-KB611 N860-2367-T022 April 2000
Fujitsu Micro 16s keyboard N860-2505-T00201A XX0005 Oct. 1982
Tandy 1000 N860-2676-T001 04A ZX3807 t Oct. 1984
Fujitsu FMR30KB501 N860-2893-V001 DY03767t Nov. 1988
FACOM6684KC3 B06B-1915-B311A, N860-2900-T001 05C (internal) EZ02300t Dec. 1989 (April 1990 externally)
Fujitsu OAKB-406 (1994) N860-2994-T002 (external), N860-2994-V102 (internal) J600023t June 1994 (July 1994 externally)
2700 Semi-discrete DIN leaf spring Fujitsu FM77AV keyboard N860-2794-T001 06B AZ11755 Dec. 1985
2930 DIN dual-discrete leaf spring unknown N860-2930-X01, N86D-2889-R021/03 (PCB) ? ?
FES-370 unknown N860-2930-T022 03A, N320-1010-T101/01 (PCB) ? ?
FKB2930-101 (“Model FKB2930 Series”) (unverified) N860-2930-T101 ? ?
3100 Sheet key leaf spring unknown industrial (clicky) N860-3141-T001 J907039m Sep. 1994
FANUC operators keypad (A02B-0092-C135) N860-3127-T010 07A GZ34545m Dec. 1991
3400 Sheet key leaf spring Fanuc keypad? N860-3482-T020 ? ?
3700 FES-311–like FANUC operators keypad (A02B-0210-C120/MA) N860-3755-T001 05A M808123m Aug. 1997
Fanuc A86L-0001-0235 N860-3755-T901 02A F982106 s Sep. 1990
Fanuc A86L-0001-0235 N860-3755-T901 02A X136384s Jan. 2008
Fanuc A86L-0001-0235 N860-3755-T901 01A T977537s Sep. 2004
4000 FES-4 reed Sony OA-S3400 keyboard N860-4038-T021 02A Z53677 May 1984
4600 Non-discrete membrane leaf spring Merlin model 100 N860-4601-T002 01A BY26710 Nov. 1986
Fujitsu FMR-30BX keyboard N860-4625-T002 05B D202053 Feb. 1988
MAI VDT keyboard N860-4641-T010 E201649 Feb. 1989
Fujitsu FMT-KB202A N860-4642-T021 Jan. 1992
4700 Peerless ICL 16022/046 (type 1; FCC ID C9SKB4749) N86D-4749-R101/02 (PCB) ? ?
FKB4700-101 (type 2) N860-4700-T101 H1390872 Jan. 1992
4800 Toilet plunger Escom FKB4804-103 N860-4804-T103, N86D-4700-R101/01 [sic] (PCB) ? ?
Escom FKB4811-103 N860-4811-T103 ? ?
6100 FES-360 Sanyo keyboard N860-6116-T011 03A WY0349 Nov. 1981
Fujitsu Micro 8 N860-6125-T001 X29296 Feb. 1982
unknown N860-6131-T011 02A (plate) X30616 Mar. 1982
7300 Laptop keyboard Unknown laptop keyboard N860-7316-T001 01A LZ02409e Dec. 1996
7400 Non-cross scissor CTCSP CI-TKJ/USB N860-7412-T051, PCB N86D-7412-R101/01 ? ?
7500 Post-Peerless Fujitsu F7956KB1 PA02201-B631/N860-7505-T011 (01A), N860-7505-V011 01A (internal) L801888e Aug. 1996 (Sep. 1996 externally)
7600 Unspecified scissor Unclear notebook keyboard N860-7635-T701
8000 FES-8 reed FANUC A02R-0057-0001 / -03 N86D-8002-R061/01 (PCB) (inscription) ? ?
Fanuc A86L-0001-0093 (not fully confirmed) N860-8002-T08501A X41025 Apr. 1982
8200 FES-8 reed (tactile) Unidentified keyboard N860-8282-T002 V30183 Mar. 1980
8500 Square slider over dome, inner cylinder PFU PD-KB01 N860-8577-T001 ? ?
Fujitsu F7544KB11 N860-8520-T220 ? ?
8540 Libertouch FKB8540-001/W N860-8540-T001/20 ? ?
8700 Square slider over dome Sun Type 5c (FCC ID C9SKB8703; 1996) N860-8703-T010 ? ?
Sun Type 6 N860-8705-T001 ? ?
Fujitsu FKB8726-353 (1997) N860-8726-T353, N86D-8720-R104/01 (PCB) ? ?
9200 FES-9 reed unknown N860-9201-T001 03 B, N86D-9200-R001/02 (PCB) W50135 May 1981

Unclear types


FES-370 (“lever action”) is a very rare Fujitsu switch. Keyboards with this switch found to date share the same case as FKB4700. Possible model codes include 1010 and 2930/2931, with the latter being in the same range as third-generation leaf spring. So far, no conclusive examples have been discovered, but tentative evidence suggests that it shared series 2930 with DIN dual-discrete leaf spring.