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Fujitsu FKB8811



FKB8811 is a series of semi-compact Fujitsu keyboard. These are membrane keyboards with discrete plungers over rubber domes. The numeric keypad is placed adjacent to the alphanumeric cluster, to save space, similar to the Cherry G80-1800. The lock lights are positioned in the centre at the rear. Japanese collector Kaineko has taken photos of model FKB8811-363. There are also photos of model FKB8811-251 which provides infrared communication and media keys. Wired models have a variety of cable gutters on the underside of the case.


Travel 3.8 mm
Operating force 49±24 cN
Operating life 10 M cycles minimum
Switch type Rubber dome over membrane


The following models are known:

Model Keys Layout Connection Features Colour RoHS
FKB8811-251 Japan Media keys, infrared Beige ?
FKB8811-354/B 106 Japan PS/2 Black ?
FKB8811-355/W White
FKB8811-454/B USB Black
FKB8811-455/W White
FKB8811-655 106 Japan USB Black Yes
FKB8811-656 Light grey
FKB8811-662 101 United States Black
FKB8811-663 Light grey


The following documents are all archived from the current Fujitsu website.