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Fujitsu Libertouch



Libertouch is a type of spring-over-membrane keyboard from Fujitsu. Libertouch keyboards fall under FKB8540 Series. Libertouch keyboards are designed to allow the owner to customise key weighting by swapping out the buckling rubber sleeves for those of a higher or lower tactile force. The default weight is 44 cN, with lighter and heavier weights of 34 and 54 cN respectively available. The spring-over-membrane design provides more pretravel than that of a regular rubber dome keyboard.


Travel 3.8 mm
Operating force 34 cN or 44 cN (default, depending on model)
Switch type Spring over membrane


The following models are known:

Model Keys Layout Colour
FKB8540-051/W 108 Japan White
FKB8540-052/B Black
FKB8540-001/W 103 United States White
FKB8540-101/B Black
FKB8540-551/G 108 Japan, with kana legends Light grey
FKB8540-552/G Japan, without kana legends

All known models are RoHS compliant and use a USB connection.


The following documents are archived from the current Fujitsu website.

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