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Fujitsu FKB87xx



FKB87xx contains a specific style of Fujitsu keyboard, the various series of which are numbered in this range. These are rubber dome over membrane keyboards, with discrete plungers.


Travel 3.8±0.5 mm
Operating force 55±25 gf
Tactile drop 20 gf typical
Operating life 10 M cycles minimum
Switch type Membrane (rubber dome presumed)


FKB8725 Series

104-key and 105-key variants, offering DIN-5 and mini-DIN-6 connectors. The difference between FKB8725 Series and FKB8729 Series is not known. The Fujitsu logo is optional.

FKB8725 Series was classified as “Low” on the Fujitsu Takamisawa website in 1998. Model FKB8725-651 was classed as a Fujitsu Value Keyboard, and is depicted as ANSI layout. A PS/2 adapter is included, suggesting that FKB8725 Series has an AT plug fitted to the cable (adaptable to PS/2) while FKB8729 Series has a PS/2 plug fitted as standard.

FKB8729 Series

All models use the PS/2 protocol with a 6-pin mini-DIN connector. Model numbers with a “/20” suffix are also RoHS compliant; the non-RoHS models are PC99 compliant (purple plug) while the RoHS version does not appear to comply with PC99. Strangely, there is no Swiss RoHS compliant model given in the datasheet.

Model Keys Layout Logo RoHS
FKB8729-601 104 US No logo No
FKB8729-601/20 Yes
FKB8729-651 Fujitsu logo No
FKB8729-651/20 Yes
FKB8729-602 105 UK No logo No
FKB8729-602/20 Yes
FKB8729-603 German No
FKB8729-603/20 Yes
FKB8729-604 French No
FKB8729-604/20 Yes
FKB8729-605 Italian No
FKB8729-605/20 Yes
FKB8729-606 Spanish No
FKB8729-606/20 Yes
FKB8729-607 Swedish No
FKB8729-607/20 Yes
FKB8729-608 Swiss No

FKB8735 Series

FKB8735 Series is the Fujitsu ValuePlus Keyboard, also referred to as ErgoTrac Keyboard. This design incorporates a small thumb-operated pointing device with two buttons above the arrow keys; this ErgoTrac pointing device appears to function similarly to pointing sticks, such as IBM’s TrackPoint. The keyboard appears to provide a DIN-5 AT connector with a PS/2 adapter, with an additional DE-9 plug for the RS-232 serial connection for the ErgoTrac.

FKB8735 Series was classified as “Medium” on the Fujitsu Takamisawa website in 1998.

Model Keys Layout Colour Connectors Fujitsu logo
FKB8735-101 104 US Ivory 2 × mini-DIN-6 No
FKB8735-151 Light grey
FKB8735-201 Ivory Yes
FKB8735-801 DIN-5 (keyboard), DE-9 (ErgoTrac)

Model FKB8735-801R is documented separately.

FKB8745 Series

FKB8745 Series contains tenkeyless keyboards. No model numbers are given in the datasheet.

FKB8750 and FKB8755 Series

FKB8750 is an ergonomic sub-series, where most of the keycaps of the alphanumeric cluster are angled inwards. The left-hand side (1–5, Q–T, A–G and Z–B) have keycap faces rotated approximately 12–13° clockwise, while the right-hand sides of these rows (6 to =, Y to ] etc) have faces rotated approximately 12–13° anti-clockwise. This can be seen for example in model FKB8754-501.

FKB8750 Series covers the pre-Windows 95 versions, and FKB8755 Series covers the Windows 95 versions. FKB8754-501 is an anomalous model, having Windows keys but being in a lower series number of FKB8754.

Model Keys Layout Connectors
FKB8750-301 101 US AT
FKB8750-302 102 UK
FKB8750-303 German
FKB8750-304 French
FKB8750-305 Italian
FKB8750-306 Spanish
FKB8750-307 Swedish
FKB8750-308 Swiss
FKB8750-401 101 US PS/2
FKB8750-402 102 UK
FKB8750-403 German
FKB8750-404 French
FKB8750-405 Italian
FKB8750-406 Spanish
FKB8750-407 Swedish
FKB8750-408 Swiss
FKB8755-301 104 US AT
FKB8755-302 105 UK
FKB8755-303 German
FKB8755-304 French
FKB8755-305 Italian
FKB8755-306 Spanish
FKB8755-307 Swedish
FKB8755-308 Swiss
FKB8755-401 104 US PS/2
FKB8755-402 105 UK
FKB8755-403 German
FKB8755-404 French
FKB8755-405 Italian
FKB8755-406 Spanish
FKB8755-407 Swedish
FKB8755-408 Swiss
FKB8754-501 109 Japanese PS/2

FKB8769 Series

These are tenkeyless keyboards. All models are USB 1.1.

Model Keys Layout
FKB8769-052 92 Japanese
FKB8769-511 87 US

FKB8775 Series

FKB8775 Series is an infrared keyboard and mouse set. An infrared receiver bearing two PS/2 plugs connects to the computer, and receives the signals from the wireless keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is derived from the FKB8725, and the mouse is series FID660. The keyboard offers 12 months of life on two AA cells, while the mouse offers 6 months on 2 AAA cells. The keyboard can operate up to angles of 120° horizontally and +45° to −5° vertically; the mouse has a larger horizontal range of 150°. The minimum ranges for the keyboard and mouse are 1 meter and 0.5 meters respectively. The mouse’s rated lifetime is given as curious 300 km.

FKB8775 Series was classified as “High” on the Fujitsu Takamisawa website in 1998.


The following documents are all archived from the current Fujitsu website, or from the Wayback Machine or similar. See the Fujitsu keyboards page for official copies where available.