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Other GUI oddities page 4

SoftWin’s BitDefender anti-virus software uses unusual windows with their own title bar widgets, and which cannot be resized. However, Process Explorer gives you the option to maximise a BitDefender window:

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Another case of the sorts of problems you get with pixel-positioned graphical interfaces:

The following is a repeatable bug if you are scrolled down in an Outlook Express 5 compose window, and select and delete all the text:

Outlook Express 5 also has some strange problems dealing with window focus when using cmd-` to cycle windows:

The following picture depicts using Apple’s ResEdit to edit a menu resource. Notice the menu is placed into the menu bar for review?

Except, why does it not look like a menu? I am told that because keyboard shortcuts are searched for from right to left across the menu bar, faking the menu prevents the test menu from blocking existing keyboard shortcuts. It does not stop me worrying about anyone who proposes to just draw over the GUI with whatever they feel like when the system doesn’t suit them!

The next few are all a little more esoteric. Psion designed their own modular, layered windowing system for their EPOC operating system, but clearly did not solve the issues of window redraw when processes are too busy to respond:

In this case, I had opened and closed the Xtras menu (Start menu clone) while System was busy populating a drive browser window.

IrfanView for Windows on the other hand deliberately implemented resize in their batch processing dialog, and then boobooed the way it is handled (note that the window has been enlarged vertically):

UltraFXP displays a peculiar bug with how it handles drag and drop. You can initiate a drag of a file with the cursor anywhere within the highlighted row, but the translucent icon drawn during drag is offset from the cursor by the original distance from the cursor to the icon:

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The Xtras 1.03(23) program manager for EPOC emulates the Windows Start menu, but includes a feature such that when opening the menu, a chosen submenu will be opened too for speed. However, they are drawn incorrectly, with the submenu shown unfocused (grey highlight) and the parent menu focused (black highlight), the exact reverse. If you open a further submenu, you now have two focused menus: