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Other GUI oddities page 2

I would guess that in the following screenshot, Photoshop and Windows are both trying to show tooltips at the same time? Evidently both are determined to see that I get the message.

From Mr Anonymous, Safari seems to be having trouble communicating:

The following composite screenshot (d’oh!) shows attempts to rename folders in Outlook Express 5; the rename edit boxes were showing up exactly one row out:

There is a bizarre bug in REALbasic where if you open the menu bar just as an Open or Save dialog box is opening, the menu bar is damaged. All the menu item icons appear to have grown larger and then disappeared.

On closing the dialog box, the menus return to “normal” but remain permanently stretched. The exact effects do vary though.

Here, an unhandled exception tooltip is stuck on the screen:

I have no idea what happened in the next picture – a dialog box in Rumpus seems to have gone awry:

Team Photo Automation for Windows, a bespoke application we used at Photo-Pro, has once again maximised a dialog box from Photoshop:

The cop-out way to batch process photos in Windows is to write a Visual Basic application to automate Photoshop. Which means that you can’t touch the clipboard for the duration of the process as Photoshop needs it for the automation work. Failure to abide by this will result in your own work pasted onto a school photo, or kids appearing in your Word document. Also, Photoshop randomly complains that it can't actually export the clipboard, and then when the automation tool goes to bring Photoshop frontmost, it uses SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED/SW_MAXIMIZE and ends up maximising the error dialog.

Rejoining the Windows world came as quite a shock.