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Other GUI oddities page 3

Two stages of a workflow at Photo-Pro had to be skipped as an employee working from home completed them externally. Therefore, we just had to hit Enter repeatedly to skip all the error messages. Here, I held Enter instead, and it choked the Windows XP taskbar animation to death, leaving a gap in the taskbar:

Here, a huge swathe of system folders on my hard drive have spontaneously lost their icons. These will be icons assigned by the kernel dynamically, and it’s lost track:

It is definitely the kernel and not the Finder as the same problem shows up in A-Dock:

From Jeff Heesen, Windows 98 not redrawing the screen when you move the Close Program window.

This wouldn’t it be so funny if it weren’t that so many people won’t let go of this monstrosity of an operating system.

The following is a little strange. 1Soft Corporation’s Above & Beyond Notebook—a Win16 application—uses a window to display its list of topics:

I am not sure whether it’s an embedded window or movable window (although you cannot drag it), but when run under WOW, the title bar takes on a modern look, even sporting a close box.

Here is Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Notice anything strange? Like, how all the writing is green? I used green writing in Windows to offset the black window background in this user profile, but this does not mean that Acrobat documents are supposed to read off the system text colour when the document asks for black text! The document text does print in black, however.