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Sources for British electricity pylon information

Beauly to Mossford
Proposed Beauly to Mossford 132kV Line, Transmission Reinforcement, Figure NTS 2, Typical Tower Images and Dimensions, SSEN; contains a defective L7 diagram that was used as a starting point for the diagram shown here
Brechfa Forest Connection
Existing Line Survey Report, Brechfa Forest Connection Project, January 2014, Western Power Distribution
CP420 Part 2 Chapter 15: Clearances, Issue 3, 10th March 2017 (Electricity North West document); contains diagrams validating PL16 D2S and naming L3 DS, as well as outlines for NWE PL1; sadly none of the drawings state or depict the full towers and cannot be used as a basis for diagrams here.
Coire Glas Connection
Coire Glas Connection presentation slides (January 2022)
Development Near Lines
National Grid: Development Near Lines (Planning & amenity aspects of high voltage transmission lines and substations), revised July 2008
Dounreay to Mybster
Proposed Dounreay - Mybster 275 kV / 132 kV, SSEN (source material for L8 reduced size)
EuropeAid 114479
Invitation to Tender no. EuropeAid/114479/D/S/SL, Emergency Rehabilitation of Transmission & Distribution Network
Virtual Consultation Booklet - August 2021, SSEN Dunoon project
East Coast 400 kV EIA
East Coast 400 kV Overhead Line Upgrade Environmental Impact Assessment Report Volume 2 | Main Text, January 2021, Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (provides approximate tower heights for a number of L2 and L8 models)
Elmwood-Glenagnes 132kV Cable Works Core Non-Load Engineering Justification Paper, SSEN (source material for “J.L.Eve PL16”)
Goulty, George A. (1969) The transmission of electricity in England and Wales; land use, and amenity aspects, Durham theses, Durham University. Contains drawings of CEB L132 (1948), BES L7 (1963), BES L2 and L3 (1956), BES L8 (1966) and BEDS L6 (1966) on page 153 (PDF page 158).
Hinkley Point C
Hinkley Point C Connection Project: Design Drawings 132kV Overhead Lines (May 2014), covering wooden pole 132 kV, L4m, L7(c) DT, L8c, L12 and T pylons. Amusingly this National Grid document uses the term “pylon” instead of “tower” throughout.
SSEN — Inveraray–Crossaig brochure
Lairg–Loch Buidhe
Lairg-Loch Buidhe Overhead Line Project (December 2017), SSEN (archived as the original file has since been deleted).
New Suite of Transmission Structures: NeSTS (SSEN003), SSEN (source material for L8 reduced size)
North Humber–High Marnham
North Humber to High Marnham Corridor Preliminary Routeing and Siting Study, June 2023, Issue 1, National Grid (source material for L13 design)
NSP/004/030 - Specification for the construction and refurbishment of 33-132kV tower lines, Northern Powergrid
Overhead Line Conductors Carrying Optical Fibres
Overhead Line Conductors Carrying Optical Fibres, Electricity North West
Protean and POC-MAST
The Protean and POC-MAST design presentation, British Power International
Richborough 5.4.2D
National Grid: Richborough Connection Project document 5.4.2D “Proposed South East Water Reservoir - Route Options Appraisal (contains an L12 LD diagram on page 10—PDF page 18—albeit not named as such and with incorrect aspect ratio)
Standard Tower Types
Standard tower types utilised in the UK for 132kV and above”, unknown origin, compiled by C Blair 7th May 1997 as “TYPL.ST1.WK4”. The authenticity of this material is not verified: do not treat the tower designations within this material as authoritative.
SWS Forum 08/06/2017
South West Scotland Forum, 8th June 2017 (contains conductor information and a traceable location of L132)
Telecoms Work on Overhead Lines
Management of Telecoms Work on Overhead Lines - Operational Safety Manual - Section 7.3, SSEN
Tower Bible
The “Tower Bible” is set of Central Electricity Authority (Eastern Division) tower plans compiled into a PDF by Jon Bruford to enable easy identification of tower types. The original plans were drawn between August and December 1956. Covered in the Tower Bible are EE PL1, SEE PL1a, CE PL4, SEE PL7, SWE PL16 and J.L.EVE (L16). Drawing numbers for SEE PL2 DT and for single-circuit EE and CE PL1, SEE PL1a, SEE PL2 and K1201 and for L2 and L3 are given but these drawings were not included. Also missing are the pages for less common types such as SEE PL1a DX and the Eve and Blaw Knox gantries.
Transmission tower development
Transmission tower development in the UK, C. Lomas, Engineering Structures, Volume 15 Number 4, 1993 (source material for L6m and other technical information)
Uprating of Overhead Lines
Uprating of Overhead Lines, Roshan Bhattarai B.E. M.Tech., Cardiff University PhD thesis, 2011 (includes tower design designations for L132, L2, L3, L4 and L7 giving the conductor and earthwire types)
Wires Pipes Pylons
A publication subtitled “Guide to landowners and their advisers”, published in 1962. See limited subset of pages on Flickr. This document contains slightly distorted diagrams of L2, L3, L6 and L132 straight line towers.
Wylfa to Pentir Preferred Route Corridor Selection Report (2015), National Grid (North Wales Connection Project) (source material for L13 design)