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Oddities page 1

The pride of my collection (cheers to Mr Anonymous for returning this to me):

I wish Windows developed such a sense of frankness :)

Katherine’s computer decided to warn her of the dangers of me:

Can’t say I blame it, myself.

The following is the very British warning message shown when requesting to terminate a process under EPOC:

The following is the old development environment in which I wrote Gorillas Deluxe. Note the title bar: Windows incorrectly identifies the cut-down QBasic (shipped with MS-DOS) as the fully-fledged QuickBASIC compiler.

A “strange error” indeed, you say? hmm… Let me don my deerstalker and smoke on my pipe in true Crab of Ineffable Wisdom style.

The following screenshot is from the game Overkill, published by Epic MegaGames:

I am not sure what the lawyers would say about the curious use of such locales as Hoth and Gallifrey, but I love the “holy cow!” difficulty setting. That game also had surprisingly good music for AdLib.