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Oddities page 2

wifeman.dll, the component known as Windows WIFE, that ships with Windows 2000:

To be a Windows wife, you would have to first pass the stage of Bride of Windows. I think I would rather settle with Frankenstein myself. Were I not a man.

I suppose I am glad that my computer recognises that it is indeed a computer:

Also, my PC has no idea where it is. I suppose that’s a good thing as—when it phones home—the Feds won’t learn its whereabouts either:

“Imps”? That might account for a lot actually, thinking about it.

Yay for the sad iPod; the screenshot was given to me by Strider years ago.

I have to assume that the following window caption (for the SessionSaver Firefox extension) is quite deliberate, but I also have quite no idea what on earth it is supposed to say:

I found this suggestion from Winamp to be rather amusing, and very true too. Yes, no use trying to run Winamp without fitting a sound card first. Duh. (The Real WTF™ is of course WaveOut.)

Look closely at the following battery usage gauge from ChaDis: apparently I get a period of over an hour an a half with nearly no battery drain. This happens every time I recharge my palmtop’s batteries. The thick line records battery usage and the thin, dark line is estimated usage.

Note also the steady increase of battery current (the pale, thick grey line) to noticeably above normal usage? Did I just change the laws of physics?

Even stranger: is BBEdit the first program to break the rule of plurals, by not saying “1 occurrence(s)”?

Finally, looky, Microsoft gave nslookup an icon! How cute.