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Maths lessons page 1

Starting with the Windows Task Manager. Haven’t we seen screenshots of this already? Maybe that’s why I’ve long since replaced it with Process Explorer. Anyhow, the following screenshot has all my processes sorted in order of CPU usage. If NTVDM is using no processor time, how come the next item in the list is?

Doesn’t look sorted to me. Even Process Explorer has its days. Total processor power on a uniprocessor machine is not supposed to exceed 100%. My computer going the extra mile in the name of performance:

phpBB displays a similar confusion:

The next two screenshots depict a DCC file transfer from AthenaIRC to ShadowIRC on the same machine. Of 5 megs. That is going to take a day to complete. It wouldn’t take a whole day even on dial-up. The percentage complete in ShadowIRC is especially impressive.

Likewise, (1 ÷ 1) × 100 ≠ 85, duh (also AthenaIRC):

In a similar vein, Windows Explorer has difficulty calculating percentages (screenshots from Betbest1):

I also find the file transfer rates in the following screenshot rather suspicious. Especially the “0 seconds” business. Even a 486 has clock resolution down to 118th of a second (0.056 s), and the times displayed here are clearly lower.

silvestrij sent me the next two pictures. In the first, reported battery lifetime remaining fails the basic check of a mathematician:

“Did the sums I just calculate, give me a reasonable number at the end? If not, did I make a mistake?"

iDVD also has some trouble calculating required DVD capacity:

silvestrij writes, “It’s my best guess that the figure is bytes, with “GB” arbitrarily appended. Even if that were the case, it’s still a bigger figure than I’d expect. And if it’s not the case, well, I’d need a pretty damn big SAN to accomodate that. ;-)”

Finally, from Mr Anonymous, I think this is what you would call a “brain fart”: