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Maths lessons page 2

Firefox has an interesting feature where downloads start while you’re still faffing with the Save dialog. No-one’s told the author of Download Statusbar this, so you can rack up some pretty impressive transfer rates:

I am not sure what I find the more worrying here, that professional software is falling back on scientific notation (I thought only really lame frameworks like REALbasic did that), or that it considers 170 such a large number as to need it (from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4):

From Lagnajeet Pradhan; the installation of SmartDraw 7 involves installing itself more than twice over, for good measure (cf Visual Basic repeated operations):

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NTBackup has an odd idea about estimation – it knows how much data it backed up, yet the verify progress is based on the original estimate taken before the backup started:

Progress is now at 100%, but we’re not done yet.