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Illogical, Jim page 3

Computer programmers love the word “error”; they love to make everything into an “error”, in particular if they can suggest the user is erroneous when in fact the programmer is stupid. In this case, a little lack of foresight on their part:

If it’s not clear, the Properties button is left enabled for a device with no properties, and a serious-looking message appears if you click it. (“Do not press at all ever”)

The next one is a little trickier:

Whereas iTunes’s brain-dead use of its interface really has no excuse whatsoever, turning a transient state into an application modal dialog even when you’re already in an application modal dialog:

Incidentally, what is the difference between Batanga Tropical Heat 56 kbps and Batanga Tropical Heat 56 kbps?

The ColorIt! image editor has a curious idea about pixels, considering them to be non-integer quantities:

icebase.com’s newsletter management system has a bizarre treatment of e-mail formatting:

I understand fully the purpose of the control—not all visitors will understand the difference—but what sort of logic would this require on the back end?

if ($mailFormat == MAILFORMAT_HTML) {
elsif ($mailFormat == MAILFORMAT_TEXT) {
else {
	# um
	# ...
	# uh ...