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Illogical, Jim page 2

This is a very long-standing niggle I have with Windows. If the device is working properly, why would I need to troubleshoot it? Why would I need to troubleshoot it if Windows can tell if it’s broken or not?

This is especially brought home by the fact that my floppy drive was sitting in a box on the floor at the time! I was using its bay for a second hard drive while trying to sort out a BIOS upgrade>.

Could someone please tell me how I can apply anything to an event?

Or how I would go about rooting my own computer over loopback? (well, Firesnake’s)

Or why when I hold shift during log-in to bypass start-up items, this comes up?

More amazing is that in Internet Explorer, the JavaScript call self.moveby() will move windows while they are still maximised:

and then leave them maximised. It will also shunt embedded Delphi browser controls around the parent window, which worries me more. This cannot be an accident; someone had to decide that it made sense to implement this:

From an Instant Access International scenery pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98, an instruction to the user to press a button that does not exist:

And similarly from a recent MSN Messenger version:

So I click OK to agree that I am going to click Install as soon as I see it? Right?