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Case Study 2 - Windows page 4

Part of the file system viewers case study.

I had to stop and think about this one:

“Ligos”? Why am I getting an error from Ligos? The reason was because that was the currently focused folder in Explorer, a fact totally unrelated to the error message. The error message relates to attempting to ban the system from creating anything inside that folder. I don’t have FrontPage, but that path (and two subfolders) are recreated on boot if I delete them.

The following demonstrates how folder windows are redrawn if I change the system colour scheme:

Folder sorting in Explorer is completly broken. For example, this folder is sorted by type, but something is clearly amiss, because one folder appears out of older:

The same problem persists in Open and Save dialog boxes; over time I have had numerous problems with folders appearing in the wrong place in a listing:

If you’re wondering why all my icons look ghastly in these pics, the drivers with my GhettoCam crashed Windows a few times, and one of those instances permanently took out full-colour icons. There is no cure; I have tried everything, and eventually reinstalled the operating system to regain high colour icons, before I tore out my own eyeballs.

There is also something strangely the matter with compressed folder browsing:


When the family PC’s monitor died, I migrated everyone’s settings over to the iMac. First, I had to copy over the profiles from that PC to mine:

Part-way through, it made the above declaration. I believe the real reason is that I exceeded the 255-character limit on that Windows places on paths, but the error message is pure rubbish. The other flaw is that the new files were unceremoniously dumped in C root, nowhere near the intended destination of my shares within my documents folder. Note also that what I entered was a folder name, not a filename.

Running Windows Update tends to trigger absurd numbers of Explorer refreshes, which of course lead to duplicate files in thumbnail views:

I took a screenshot of the above, saved it to that folder and they all disappeared:

This file was originally called “Picture 1.png” but the file refused to move to its destination due to the name being a duplicate. After that, the icon was stuck showing that it was a cut file:

And how comes the name is not centred? I guess that’s normal.