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Case Study 2 - Windows page 3

Part of the file system viewers case study.

Here we have the Recycle Bin, and some files I want to remove:

But lo, what’s this? I am told that a file that I did not ask to delete, is in use?

(By the way, which people or programs are going to be using files inside my Recycle Bin?)

Here, I have asked to search for “port regis 4” inside the names of files:

Then, I ask for advanced search options. If you look closely, the filename string has been moved into the wrong box:

Which, if you don’t notice it, will start a search of the contents of every single file. Not fun with networked drives.

Here, all my Photoshop files on the desktop have taken up weird icons from other programs. It has done this twice now.

Finally, in the screenshot below, I have just run WinImage to write a new image to the disc. But Windows Explorer won’t let me see it:

It is physically impossible that I put back the disc it wants as I just overwrote it. Sheesh.