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Cunning linguistics

Apparently in my PC I have a “NetWork” card. Said almost as if they were something new and this was the first Microsoft had ever heard of one:

WinImage is not happy that my floppy cannot be acceded:

Was ist das? Haben Sie sogar „Ja“ und „Nein“ vergessen?

From a Linksys router, sent in by silvestrij: have no any English speaker at Cisco?

Also from silvestrij, Dell have sent to many mistake at one error:

There is nothing grammatically wrong with the message below, or in fact really anything wrong with it at all, except it doesn’t say what you might think it says:

The following was Word of the Day on whenever I spotted this mistake in my Internet Startup application:

Is Quick Calendar below in English, or in French?

A result of inconsistent build options when I compiled it, but funny.

Ah, back to Microsoft again, with a subtle but cute typo:

All my local drive are belong to us.

One of my favourites, on my 486: take a look at the second longest line on the screen.

Simply unreal.