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Cunning linguistics page 2

I think Photoshop 5 was trying to tell me something:

I think.

From the Opera 6.03 self-mounting image:

Apple, for some reason, refuse to differentiate between checkbox menu items (tick) and radio button menu items (bullet), which leads to confusion as to whether you can tick more than one of a set of items at once. Here, you can tick all the available languages at the same time, yet you only ever seen English text in the dialog. Note also the annoying lack of a title bar.

The following dialog box shows selection of your default software install language in EPOC:

Problem is, which Norwegian language do they mean? Bokmål, or Nynorsk? At least Norwegian is shown; Apple’s former list of locales omitted Norway entirely, and Canada.

The Norton Removal Tool (not the same as the Anti-Norton Virus) getting a little tongue-tied:

For reasons it’s mysteriously unable to articulate, the Norton Removal Tool just would not work on that server.

From David Joffe, not all files were not removed:

Java Update fails to apply changes to my system? It’s not much use for anything then, is it?

Squareglish – do you speak it?