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Cherry M7 variants

The following page provides known details of Cherry M7 part numbers. See also the Serie M7 schema.

See M7 examples for keyboard examples found to date.

M7 is the German-made series. For the US-made types, see the M4/M5/M6 variants page.



The information below is sourced from the following:

See Cherry catalogues on the Deskthority wiki for copies of this literature.

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Catalogue types

The following is the list of known types; most are from the 1982 German catalogue (1982/DE). The details are cited verbatim, although the column headings are simplified for space. The contact pairs column is added for convenience. Note that the M71 types have dual stems which, while being straight as noted, are not compatible with standard 12 mm keycaps.

Note that M73-0120 has NSN 5930-00-365-9194 and RS part number 338-765.

Part no. Contacts Action Stem Angle Notes Op. force (cN) Contact pairs Catalogue NSN
M71-0037 1A momentary dual top & sides lighted 2-4 oz. 1 1979/US
M71-0100 1A momentary dual top & sides lighted 2-4 oz. 1 1979/US
1 A momentary without lamp 85±25 1 1982/DE
M71-0105 1 A momentary with lamp (5V) 85±25 1 1982/DE
M73-0100 1 A momentary 70±15 1 1982/DE
M73-0109 1 B momentary 108±28 1 1982/DE
M73-0110 1 A momentary 10° 70±15 1 1982/DE
M73-0112 1 A momentary for space bar Assembly unit 95±25 1 1982/DE
M73-0120 1 A momentary T Sold as RS 338-765 70±15 1 1982/DE 5930-00-365-9194
M73-0137 1 B momentary 150±50 1 1982/DE
M73-0176 1 A momentary with tactile feel max. 150 1 1982/DE
M73-0800 1 A alt. action 95±35 1 1982/DE
M74-0100 2 A momentary 95±35 2 1982/DE
M75-0100 1 A momentary 70±15 1 1982/DE
M75-0800 1 A alt. action 95±35 1 1982/DE
M76-0100 2 A momentary 95±35 2 1982/DE
M76-0800 2 A alt. action 95±35 2 1982/DE
M76-0890 1 A/1 B alt. action 95±35 2 1982/DE
M77-0100 3 A momentary 185±45 3 1982/DE
M77-0137 2 A/1 B momentary 95±35 3 1982/DE
M78-0100 4 A momentary 185±45 4 1982/DE
M78-0900 2 A/2 B momentary 95±35 4 1982/DE

Other types

Unlike M4/M5/M6, examples of M7 part numbers outside of catalogues are virtually unheard of.

Part no. Form Action Stem Angle Notes
M76-0899 DPDT alternate action round Sold by Incotel, with the part number not verified; the contacts are silver prism

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