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Cherry M7 examples

Examples of Serie M7 switches. These are arranged in approximate order of manufacture based on date and serial number. See the master vintage Cherry keyboards list for non-M7 types. For M4/M5/M6 switches, see M4/M5/M6 examples.

For customer part number and system details, see the master vintage Cherry keyboards list.

Keyboard From Serial Date Styles Reference Notes
G80-0081 Bayreuth, DE 0478 ca. 1979 C T 0° www.utensilia.tk Not all switch types are confirmed to be visible, but another keyboard of this family (unidentified) has a straight stem switch under space, with a red dot mark.
G80-0130 Auerbach, DE 0774 ca. 1981 C′ T 10° KAref
G80-0139 Auerbach, DE 0140 ca. 1981 C T 0°, C′ – 0°, M75 T 0° 1-lamp Imgur Customer no. 008-0072153 A; possibly relegendable; the switches have one of the two lamp positions populated
G80-0229 Auerbach, DE 1072 ca. 1982 C T 0° Deskthority Not all switch types are necessarily shown.
B65-1712 1982? C T 0° Deskthority Bare keypad internals with very few details; the PCB seems to be stamped “05 82” which may be the manufacture date.
B70-4753 TG3 20830 1990 KBref The space bar switch is not depicted and is probably M5
G80-0075/02 Auerbach, DE 47 ca. 1990 ?, M75 0° T 0-lamp The M75 switches have a lampless housing, but G80-0078 does use lamps and may share the PCB.
B70-4753 TG3 45805 1992 B+C T 0° KBref Space bar uses an M5 switch