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Cherry M4/M5/M6 examples



This page records examples of Cherry M4/M5/M6 Series switches, both observed (where the service manual cannot be found) and documented. For M7-based keyboards, see M7 examples.


These are arranged in approximate order of manufacture based on date and serial number. In some cases, not all switches can be observed, and some types may be different yet look alike (e.g. space bar switches not marked as such).

For customer part number and system details, see the corresponding entries in the master vintage Cherry keyboards list.

Keyboard From Serial Date Switches Reference Notes
Style Stem Angle Type
Kana keyboard ? ? ca. 1974 A Momentary greedBay This could be a Hirose model, but there is insufficient detail in the photos to determine if the keyboard is so marked.
HP 9830A USA N/A ca. 1976 A′ Momentary Deskthority
B25-59AA Hirose 170279 ? A T Momentary Deskthority
A′ Alternate action
B76-07AA USA ca. 1978 155161 A T Momentary ClassicCmp Not all switches are known to be depicted; space bar likely uses a different switch.
B65-46AB USA 176479 A T Momentary Deskthority There are no ICs to date.
A Space bar, wide keys
B80-16AC USA 766284 ca. 1979 AB T Momentary Deskthority Only one chip in the photos has a visible date.
AB T Space bar (red dot)
A Double pole
M4 Alternate action illuminated
M4 Indicator
A T Fixed
UDS Comtest CEX-17C USA N/A ca. 1979 A T Momentary Deskthority The space bar switch is not clearly depicted, but it appears to be a T-stem switch with part of the stem snapped off, similar to this.
B70-4753 USA 822962 ca. 1980 AB T Momentary Imgur The space bar switch is not depicted.
B80-40AB USA 823643 ca. 1979 A T 10° Momentary KAref
A 10° Space bar (black keystem; red dot)
A′ 10° Alternate action
AB T Momentary (used on wide keys)
M4 10° Indicator
B65-85AB USA 842905 ? AB T Momentary (used on wide keys) Deskthority No ICs to date
? ? Switch no. 2 of a wide key; grey plunger, yellow dot
B80-88AB USA 946688 ca. 1980 B T 10° Momentary KAref Not all switches are known to have been observed.
B 10° Space (red dot)
A Low force dummy (wide key stabiliser)
B80-64AB USA 972433 ca. 1980 A′/AB/B T 10° Momentary Flickr The central (alphanumeric) section switches are mostly AB, but at least one is A′ (the other A′ under Line Feed could be a special type); backspace is B and could also be special. One double pole switch is A, while the rest are B.
AB 10° Space (red dot)
B T Momentary
? T 10° Shift
? 10° Shift lock
A/B Double pole
B70-05AB USA 978224 ca. 1980 B T Momentary vintagecomputer.ca Most ICs are dated 79–80; the socketed National Semiconductor DM74LS08N IC is from 1983 and seems to be a replacement part.
B Space (red dot)
A′ Alternate action
UB80-0051 UK 11193 1980 B T Momentary geekhack Not all switch types are necessarily visible in the pictures; internal assembly model is UB80-0002
M71 | | Illuminated
KB2100 USA N/A ca. 1981 B T Momentary Deskthority The IC dates not visible in the photos, but the PCB is marked ©1981 and “1181”, so 1981 is assumed for now. Space bar takes a slot stem, but the switch appears to be T-stem, possibly sliced to fit.
SORD M343-KB Japan ca. 1982 B T Momentary Imgur PCB has no visible manufacturer markings
B Space (red dot)
M4 Illuminated
B70-4753 USA 1386095 ca. 1984 B T Momentary Deskthority Main IC and PCB label both imply 1984. It does use a paddle stabiliser, which is anachronistic as this was obsolete by 1979; B80-16AC from ca. 1978 already had the replacement wire type.
B Space (red dot)
B70-4753 Japan 85030031 1985-03 B′ T Momentary KBref The extended area is confirmed to be B′; the rest of the switches are unconfirmed (B or B′ depending on whether B′ ever used B-style mould numbering).
B70-4753 TG3 45805 1992 week 19 C T Momentary KBref Most switches use German-made M7 switches; space uses a US-made switch that is, uncharacteristically, T instead of straight mount. Not all switch types are confirmed to be observed.
B T Space


The following keyboards have their switch models officially documented in service literature. See Bitsavers for copies of these documents.

Machine Service manual Keyboard Switch Qty Type Notes
ADDS CONSUL 980 March 1975 Unspecified M61-0120 78 Normal
M51-0106 1 Space bar
M61-0300 1 Shift
M61-0500 1 Shift lock
M41-0100 1 Illuminated
M61-0800 1 Illuminated alternate action Possibly this should read “M41-0800”
Tektronix 4010
Tektronix 4010-1
April 1976 B76-07AA M61-0100 51 Normal
M51-0101 2 High force Positions not specified
Tektronix 4006-1 May 1977 Unspecified M61-0100 50 Normal
M51-0101 3 High force Page, Copy and Break keys
Tektronix 4051 May 1977 Unspecified M61-0120 75 Normal; Style A T
M51-0106 1 Space bar Incorrectly marked as position 21
M61-0100 20 Top row thin keys Wrong quantity (1) in service manual
M61-0800 1 Alt. action; Style A′ or later TTY Lock
M51-0101 2 High force; Style A T One is Home Page, top left; perhaps the other is for Break
Tektronix 4027 January 1980 B80-91AB M51-0178 70 Unspecified; 0° T Most keys; observed as white possibly 0° T, and black 10° T in an example where space is 10° straight mount
M51-0120 1 Unspecified Erase key
M51-0150 12 Unspecified Top row blank keys
M41-0107 4 Illuminated
Tektronix 4054 February 1980 Unspecified M61-0100 96 Normal; Style A′ or later
M61-0800 1 Alt. action; Style A′ or later TTY Lock
M51-0101 2 High force; Style A′ or later One is Home Page, top left; perhaps the other is for Break
Tektronix 4023 January 1984 Unspecified M61-0100 75 Not depicted This machine also used Key Tronic