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Colour Selector 2.2.1 open source

Colour Selector is an application for selecting, mixing and previewing colours, intended primarily for Web developers.

Strictly speaking, I have quit writing desktop software. The primary reason for revisiting Colour Selector was to rid it of the requirement to run elevated; it has been reworked for REALbasic 2006, and as such, is subject to the same caveats as SMTP Werkzeug. Mac versions are no longer available, nor are they likely to be even if I were to upgrade to Xojo, as my Mac is far too old.

For good measure, I have also switched to the XML preferences file format, added support for the CSS rgb() colour syntax (for both copy and paste), and the ability to directly rename favourite colour sets. Paste also accepts hex colours with no leading hash, enclosing whitespace, and bare RGB tuples.