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SMTP Werkzeug 1.5 open source

SMTP Werkzeug is an SMTP e-mail message delivery test utility for Windows.

The features

Portable mode

Portable mode is enabled by placing the configuration file (SMTP Werkzeug preferences.xml) in the same directory as the executable. The portable version ships with an empty configuration file for this reason. Normally, the configuration file lives inside %APPDATA%\Telcontar.

The bad news

SMTP Werkzeug needs recreating from scratch, but I do not envisage this ever happening. As such, there are some limitations of the software that are worth mentioning:

The back story

I had completely abandoned writing desktop software, because I had yet to find a language and framework that I wanted to invest time and effort in. This remains true to this day. However, I needed this program at work, so I blew the dust off REALbasic Professional 2006 on my old PowerMac G4 450 running Tiger and quickly threw this program together. Since then, it has gained additional functionality and bug fixes, but it also gains all the bugs from REALbasic runtime, of which there are a lot.

Since then I have migrated to a much faster Mac mini G4 1.25 GHz acquired from my colleague Russell Brooks, but my development environment remains PPC, and remains Tiger. I use my Windows PC for producting the graphics, however.

The program itself is used in production in Windows 7, 8 and 10.

The caveats

REALbasic runtime is bug-ridden and broken, so anyone foolish enough to use this program is expected to put up with the following grief:

This does not include the faults I did work around, such as rubbish support for theme-compliant control colours for the classic Windows UI (screenshot depicts correct appearance).