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Batch-RegEx 1.4 open source

Batch-RegEx is a utility to apply a batch of regular expression replacements to multiple files. It is built on some version of PCRE (Perl-Compatible Regular Expression library).

Batch-RegEx version 1.0 was created as part of the process of updating a friend’s website from FrontPage HTML to PHP/MySQL. An expression set of 22 replacements was used to decompose HTML pages so that they could be fed to MySQL. The program was clearly useful enough to make into a generic utility, and was designed as such from the outset.

Batch-RegEx is very spartan, and as such is the only “current” program that comes with documentation! Those people looking for something easier to understand and forgiving may wish to try Batch RegEx from BinaryMark, which is similar only in name! (I have chatted to the developer and confirmed that, indeed, Batch-RegEx is years older than Batch RegEx.)

Batch-RegEx is subject to all the same caveats as SMTP Werkzeug.


Batch-RegEx and my associated code library is licensed under the terms of the zlib license.