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Window mismanagement page 6

The first myth of window management is that it exists…

This is probably not the ideal size for the Can’t Identify New Hardware Wizard:

This was not a once-off problem as it recurred on David Joffe’s PC four months later.

Richard DeCoteau writes of the following, “This one happens frequently but only under certain situations”:

He continues, “If I open the command prompt window in Windows 3.1 (this happens on all of my Win 3.1 machines) it takes the name of the last program closed when switched to window mode from full screen, but only the first time: if I close it and open ‘something else’ and then close the ‘something else’ and open another command window it’s still properly called Command Prompt in the title bar.

“I’ve seen it use ‘Notepad’ before and in this instance ‘Calculator’; it only chooses windows programs, i.e. I’ve never seen it use Word Perfect but I have seen it use ‘Dr. Watson Log’ (I have in the Startup group the log file created by Dr. Watson) which isn’t even the program itself but the icon name in the Startup group which is really Notepad opening DrWatson.log”

Error: Not enough free dialog space available to display the following error:

The following has me picturing someone stuffing a PowerEdge rackmount server into their floppy drive: INSERT MY WINDOWS SERVER 2003 FOR SMALL BUSINESS SERVER INTO WHAT?