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Case Study 5 - Mozilla Firefox page 3

Firefox has come up a lot since the 1.0.x days, but it’s not out of bugs yet :) The following screenshots are from Firefox 2.

Part of the Open Source case study.

I don’t know whether this is to do with placing toolbar items into the menu bar, but any time I change the desktop scheme or properties, Firefox gains an extra, empty menu bar above the real one that does nothing and cannot be removed:

On trying to install the Link Alert extension for Firefox, which floats an icon near the cursor to show the type of link, I found that it was unexpectedly incompatible with Firefox 2:

Nightly Tester Tools appeared to be lying to me, so I decided I’d have to patch the extension manually:

Which might be possible if it actually contained any files…

I have no idea what happened here. I uninstalled it and re-installed it and the files came through that time.

Firefox does have trouble with tooltips though. Sometimes they won’t appear, and sometimes they appear when they shouldn’t and won’t go away:

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