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TSH 19—“Tastenschalter mit Hallelement”—is a series of Hall effect keyboard switches from RFT. Robotron keyboards that used Hall switches (not necessarily TSH 19) include K7604, K7606, K7631, K7632, K7634, K7636 and K7637. The reed equivalent is TSS (“Tastenschalter mit Schutzrohrkontakt”).

The original switch type of TSH 19 used a TESLA MH1SS1 dual-output sensor designed for two-of-N encoding. The TGL document for TSH 19 has not been found.

TSH 19 was followed by TSH 19 F, where the “F” denotes “mit Freigabeeingang”, meaning “with enable input”. TSH 19 F is specified in TGL 38855 from August 1982. These switches use a smaller VEB HFO B 461 G Hall sensor. B 461 G still has four terminals, but one of its output terminals is replaced with an enable input line. B 461 G is therefore specifically designed for matrix scan instead of two-of-N encoding.