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Marquardt Series 6180



Series 6810 is a keyboard switch series from Marquardt. Marquardt reported that this series was manufactured from 1983 to 1995. US patent 4653179 “Method of manufacturing an electrical push-button switch” (filed in July 1985 with priority to German patent 3327199 filed in July 1983) covers the manufacturing process for the switch contact assembly. The contact assembly was re-used for the successor series 6184 although with a different actuator design.

These switches are rare, with few examples discovered to date; examples include:

The switches in the Tysso PKB-080 are clearly 6180 series, although they are not an exact match for the drawing of 6180.0101 provided by Marquardt.


The following specifications were taken from the drawing for :

Total travel 4.0±0.3 mm
Pretravel 2.0±0.5 mm
Operating force 55±15 cN
Switching voltage 28 V maximum
Switching current 50 mA maximum


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