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Fujitsu FES-300


FES-300 is, or was, Fujitsu’s short-travel leaf spring switch type. Its production status is unclear, because the datasheet for FKB3000 keypads gives FES-301S as the switch, putting at least some if not all current short-travel switches under FES-301.

FES-300 switches provide high force and low travel, and are designed to be placed under a membrane cover bearing the key legends, referred to as a “sheet keyboard” (シートーキーボード). Between the contact assembly (which is soldered to a printed circuit board) and the membrane cover, is a metal plate that holds all of the switch plungers.


Switch contacts can be either gold or silver. In 1980, the contact points were said to be plated with a 1 µm layer of gold.

The structure of a FES-300–based keyboard is as follows:


The material from the Fujitsu Scientific & Technical Journal is presented here by kind permission of Fujitsu.