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101 ways for Steve to die

101 Ways for Steve to Die

I am not sure quite how this started now – the first sketch was executed when we were all sat up in the Ele House (student bar), and I suspect I wasn’t too happy with the social scene that day.

The second picture, though, represents Steve’s anxieties of reprisals from a certain Databases lecturer after an e-mail he sent to her.

I didn’t expect to complete a whole 101 pictures, but there were two more ideas coming: a) Death by Connelly, where Connelly is one of the authors of a hefty course textbook we have – I started this one but never got a chance to portray Steve’s head well, and b) Death by Listerine, after the Listerine episodes.

1. Death by spit roast

2. Death by Kalashnikov

3. Death by frying

Nevertheless, Steve is still alive after all. And, luckily, so am I…