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Traditional artwork

With the exception of the spacecraft image, and the crest of fire, all the images shown below were produced for art assignments during my various years of secondary school. Apologies for the poor scan quality, which has given some of the images a speckled texture.

A banana, coloured pencil
Self-portrait, graphite pencil
Distorted self-portrait, coloured pencil
Self-portrait, black crystalline ink
DaHjaj SuvwI’e’ jIH (“Today I am a warrior”)
Hand holding a kitchen knife, coloured pencil
Bowl of fruit, watercolour paint
Bloater-paste pot, graphite pencil
Blue Band margarine tub and its contents, coloured pencil
A palm tree, coloured pencil
My father, graphite pencil
Sea shells, coloured pencil
Organic bits, coloured pencil
Olkari C42 destroyer, black fine-liner pen, graphite pencil
Basch electric drill advert, coloured pencil
Crest of Fire, acrylic paint