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Pixelcritter (and his friends) is a snake character I created for FireSnake. It began life as a poky little decorative graphic on her personal section of Firetrack, meant to capture the essence of her Internet handle (the “t3h” is from “t3h snake”):

Despite it looking terrible to me, she found it cute and so I decided to make something a little more substantial out of it. Some time in Photoshop later, I had some concept versions made:

Shown above are the three snake styles on a white background; I also presented them on a pale and a mid grey background, as further alternatives. Unsurprisingly, she was taken with them, choosing the version with the inner shadow (the one on the left) as her preferred design (to my relief, as that was also my own favourite version). A slightly darker grey – her Web site’s background colour at the time – was chosen for the background colour; it went to live on her site as a little mascot. Shortly thereafter, it gained the name Pixelcritter, combining its nature as artwork, and her term of reference for her two pets at home, “critters”.

Over time, I had a whole array of pixelcritters designed – two new colours and two new poses for the snakes:

She preferred the all-black “t3h” on the red snake, although I personally prefer the blue bar on all three, both in terms of style, and for consistency.

This work has since been developed into site graphics intended for her Web site and a t-shirt design.