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The Arnie Prankster

A friend of mine known as the Arnie Prankster, made a number of prank calls to the UK radio station Talk Sport (often being declared best caller of the week), using synthesised speech and sound clips to impersonate Professor Stephen Hawking and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have a number of his episodes on disc at home, and I present them here for your listening pleasure. With luck, I will be able to add further clips to the page if and when I can obtain them from the Arnie Prankster.

All the clips here are in MP3 format. Note that if you are likely to want to keep copies of the clips, please remember to right-click (ctrl-click on Macs) on the links to the clips, and save the files to disc instead of trying to stream them.

The clips:

ClipDate airedDescription
Episode 1
(888 k)
11th November 2001 Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his first appearance on The Zoo programme on Talk Sport radio, meeting Tommy Boyd. Live recording
Hawking on the case
(558 k)
25th November 2001 Professor Stephen Hawking comes to the aid of Arnie, setting presenter Tommy Boyd straight. Live recording
Hawking and Arnie Christmas Special:
Part 1 (812 k) Part 2 (446 k)
December 2001 Arnie’s trigger-happy tendencies lead him into trouble when he upsets an integral part of the space time continuum, threatening a collapse of the universe; can Stephen Hawking sort everything out and save Christmas? A two-part special episode.
Final Episode
(802 k)
Is this the end of Arnie and Hawking’s time together?

Hopefully more will be on their way :)