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Purposeful images

Some pictures of mine were drawn under the influence of certain thoughts in my head, or according to something that was going on at the time.

Paul Wernick was one of our lecturers, who took us for Further Object-Oriented Design. He bears not only a distinct resemblance to the Linux user Jon “Maddog” Hall, but also looks to some extent like the ‘dungeon master’ character from the series of the same name. For Steve’s benefit, I sketched him during a lecture. It could have been better, but he was some distance away and partially obscured.


Some people will be aware that I have a pretty bad memory and someone coined the phrase “The Human Goldfish”, probably Steve. This is my sketch depicting myself as such. ‘Mutant’ itself is a reference to Steve, as he is particularly tall and with feet to match.


Another, more recent reference to my academic position than those on the Death page.


After deciding that I felt Xanthine’s directory needed some decoration, I tried out various ideas featuring a dragon, although in the end I was never satisfied (and also felt it appropriate to not decorate the area after all). Later, though, I did devise this hybrid of a dragon and an Imperial-style graphic.


A pondering on the nature of love, and its place or lack of it in my life.