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7-ade 1.2 open source

7-ade is an archive expander build around 7-Zip for Windows. It provides double-click expansion of archives into the directory containing the archive, just like StuffIt Expander on the Macintosh from the old classic Mac days. If the archive contains multiple items at its root, then an enclosing folder is created automatically, named per the archive. Tarballs are fully expanded in a single action.

There is also a rule system, allowing (amongst other things) the choice target directory and whether to overwrite existing files to be chosen based on the name and path of the archive. There is room for expansion of this facility.

7-ade is an open source application programmed in AutoHotkey. It requires the revised ahk2exe for build directives. The installer is built using Inno Setup. All graphics were created using Inkscape.

The implementation is, of course, evil. 7z.exe (the command-line version) is opened in the background (as a hidden process) and used to list the archive, which is then parsed to get the list of files. From here, I can determine the best course of action. This is what I could never get to work in ActiveState Perl, but there is an AutoHotkey solution to this that finally makes this program possible.